Cyber Security Solutions


Our Cyber Security Services

Technology is outpacing our ability to secure it. Despite substantial spending on legacy security products, advanced attackers are bypassing these defenses at will and spreading unchallenged.

  • There’s no single technical answer
  • There’s no legislative fix.
  • Bad guys will always exist
  • Determined attackers will always innovate (we here of Ransom wares like  Wanacry, Petya,. Arena etc. and many more are to come)
  • Time to respond and prioritize Incidents will always be a challenge due to shortage of expertise
  • Insider Threat will always be a problem, as a fact data Governance in organization will always be a problem
  • Monitoring security devices is always an issue lots of events are generated and require human interaction

Organizations are trying to find ways of controlling Cybercrime, since time has changed it is not like long before where attacks where committed by individuals, who launched attacks as single entity, attackers have improvised their way of doing things, cybercriminals are well organized and coordinated groups that join hands to come up with sophisticated attacks that may bypass, legacy security products that rely on signature, or utilize sandbox and more on Abnormal Behavior detection.
We as Smatrace have partnered with world class vendors, who are offering niche products and solutions that come in to help solve a lots of Cyber security related issues based on client’s needs.


Comprehensive Products & Solutions that include

  • Network Access Control Solution (NAC)

  • Next Genration Firewalls

  • Security Incident and Event Management Solution (SIEM)

  • Endpoint Security

  • Vulnearability Assesment

  • Email & Web Security

  • Data Leakage Prevention Solutions

  • Deception Solutions

  • DDOS Mitigation Solutions

  • Vulnerability Assessment Solutions (VA)

  • Threat Inteligence Solution

  • Privillage Access Management Solution (PAM)

  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

  • Identity Access Management (IAM)

  • Data Encryption and Information Rights Management (D-IRM)

  • Virtual Desktop Infrustructure (VDI)

  • Advanced Persistence Threat Protection Solutions

  • Security Audit & Compliance Tool


Profesional Services

  • Penetration Testing

  • Security Controls Evaluation

  • Network Security Configuration Audit

  • Network Architecture Review

  • Social Engineering

  • Network & Security Capacity Planning

  • MDR

  • SOAR

  • VAPT

  • MSSP